They need help

  • Ilya Sorokin
    2001 birth
    Necessary: 1 394 000 p.
    Gathered: 889 781 p.
    Help Ilya

    The boy was severely beaten by five teenagers. He fell into a coma. Now his health slowly normalizes, but he needs course of rehabilitation abroad.

  • Roma Bordakov
    2006 birth
    Necessary: 1 180 000 p.
    Gathered: 723 345 p.
    Help Roma

    A boy with skin as thin as butterfly wings, needs your help again!

  • The center of Palliative Care
    0 birth
    Necessary: 2 500 000 p.
    Gathered: 535 200 p.
    Help The center of Palliative Care

    It is difficult and painful to think about the children to whom our medicine cannot help. Typically we try to avoid these sad thoughts. Today we ask you to think about this problem and help in the creation of the Center of Palliative Care in Yekaterinburg.

  • Children’s Oncohematological Clinic in Ekaterinburg
    0 birth
    Necessary: 1 600 000 p.
    Gathered: 176 584 p.
    Help Children’s Oncohematological Clinic in Ekaterinburg

    Technological modernization of state Russian clinics and hospitals is a long-term and complex process. Unfortunately, sometimes staying alive is a question of days for many patients!
      How to help the Clinic.

They have already helped

  • Elizaveta Sentsova
    2015 birth

    The little girl is only 18 months. She has been fighting with tumor since she was nine months. We ask you to help her!

  • Maria Khakova
    2004 birth

    Masha is not able to walk and talk because of a rare genetic disease. However, the girl tries to live a full life, she needs a special equipment for this.

  • Zakhar Kolodin
    2012 birth

    Despite the diagnosis of infantile cerebral palsy, Zakhar has overcome locomotor barrier and makes his first steps with support. However, to take longer walks, the boy needs a special wheelchair.

  • Irina Zarembo
    2009 birth

    A girl began to enjoy first own motions. She needs a horseback riding stimulator for further fight with manifestations of cerebral palsy.

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